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  • Our key features

    • Close to the Place de l'Etoile
    • Cozy lounges, daylight
    • Flexible space, high capacity
    • Restaurant can be privatized in the evening
    • Creative cuisine

Study half-day

We offer 2 study falf-day formulas in the rooms, comprising:
- rental of the rooms,
- lunch and breakss,
- equipment and staff.
  • 'Essential' formula

    Prices on request

    Our services comprise:

    - Availability of our rooms from 8 am to 12 or from 2 to 6 pm
    Paperboard, screen, mineral water
    - Reception with coffee and pastries or a break with sweet pastries
    Tea, coffee, fruit juice, mineral water, mini pastries
    - Coffee break
    Tea, coffee, fruit juice, mineral water
    - Lunch in a private room
    Choice between 4 menus
    Round tables for 10 to 12 persons
Minimum billing: 10 persons.
Identical choice of menu for all thre participants.
Excessive alcohol is harmful for health. Please drink in moderation.